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Disciple Worship is a collective of individual songwriters who are members of Disciple Church, a church-based in Whittier, CA that plants churches throughout the greater Los Angeles area. All songs produced as Disciple Worship have been written by members of Disciple Church for the people of Disciple Church.


1. The Bible tells us to sing a new song (Psalm 96)

2. We write for the specificity of our people (1 Peter 4:10-11)

3. God has given us gifts to be used (Ephesians 2:10, Exodus 35:10)

Our intent of writing songs is not for the sake of writing new songs, but rather far from it. A value we hold firm at Disciple Church is to be a teaching, resourcing, and equipping church, and one of the ways we feel called to flesh out this value is through original, congregational worship songs.


We have a desire to write songs that speak directly to God's people in our local church; meaning all of our songs are based on conversations, stories, and seasons our people and church go through. Alongside this desire, we also feel called to write songs that are attainable; which we see as writing and releasing songs that are accessible and adaptable to the many different church settings, worship teams, and church ministries. We strive to have all songs released by Disciple Worship attainable to both the big worship band and to the jr. high worship leader on acoustic guitar.


Lastly, God has given members of Disciple Church very specific gifts, and we feel it would be dishonoring to Him to not use those gifts for His glory. Therefore we pray, write, edit, and release songs for the church; giving Him our best for His glory, praise and honor - because God deserves our best.

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