We at Disciple Church believe it is important to be a committed member of a local church. Being a member of a local church is like being a member of a local family. As members of Disciple Church, we have the opportunity to reflect the character and beauty of Jesus Christ through the pursuit of certain attitudes and actions. The following is a teaching that describes why membership is important and what it is all about at our church.


The requirements to become a member of Disciple Church is clear and simple.

  1. An individual must be a publicly professing, born-again disciple of Jesus Christ who is willing and able to agree and uphold the Covenant of Membership at Disciple Church

  2. An individual must have shown their commitment to Jesus and His local church by publicly being baptized by immersion


The membership process at Disciple Church is clear and simple.


  1. Notify church leadership that you are interested in becoming a member

  2. Submit your personal information in person or electronically HERE

  3. Listen and interact with teaching related to local church membership

  4. Interview as a candidate for membership sharing your spiritual journey

  5. Review & sign this Membership Covenant document HERE

  6. Celebrate as you are publicly accepted into membership during a Disciple Church worship service