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In light of the recent mandates, the overseers have discerned that it is still safe and wise to continue gathering for weekly in-person worship. 


We are implementing the following protocols in order to be faithful to the many relevant biblical commands, minister to the spiritual needs of our congregation, protect the most vulnerable, and to honor the governing authorities.

Face Masks

We are encouraging all of our attendees to wear face masks during the entire service, but are leaving this decision to each family and their conscience. Masks are available on a Sunday morning.

Social Distancing

We are encouraging all attendees who do not belong to the same household to maintain a six-foot radius while in the sanctuary. Our chairs are movable and if you would like to further distance yourself from the group you are able to do so on the north side of the sanctuary. There is no assigned seating so groups are expected to distance on their own. If you would like marked off space reserved for you please email info@disciple-church by noon on Thursday.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are available at several stations throughout the building. Please feel free to use what you need. All of our hand sanitizer is at least 80% alcohol and FDA recommended.

Lord’s Supper and Giving

We are providing elements for Christians who chose to participate in the Lord’s Supper. We take communion every week as a congregation. We are encouraging any giving to be done online through the Church Center app or dropped off in our secured and wall-mounted lockboxes.

Children’s Ministry/Care

At the moment, we are not able to provide a children’s ministry or childcare during the service. All children are expected to sit with their parents during service. We are planning on launching children's care during the service starting in November 2020. We are providing handouts and other age-appropriate materials to help children follow along with the sermon or be engaged. There are “crying rooms” available for any nursing mothers or inconsolable children downstairs.

What if I don’t feel comfortable
attending on a Sunday morning?

We understand that there could be a variety of godly reasons why you’re not able to join us on a Sunday morning. Please join us on YouTube where we live stream the entire service. You can find our channel here: [ Disciple Church YouTube ]

You also can request a home visit. We will send a pair of church leaders to your home (or outside of your home) for a quick opportunity to visit, fellowship, pray, and worship together. If you are interested in this please fill out this form: [ Click Here ]

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email

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