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At Disciple Church, we believe that in order to follow God in pursuing our Purpose & Core Values as a church, we must together focus on one area of spiritual growth each year. In a desire to help our church family benefit from our annual focus, we have chosen to have: a dedicated sermon series, concerted seasons of prayer, experiential learning opportunities and outward focused service projects. We pray our whole church family will see God work powerfully this year in ways that only He can get the glory!


This being the case, this year we feel called by God to have our annual focus as:

Be A Neighbor   |   It's Who We Are, It's What We Do

Be A Neighbor Logo_edited.png

If you attend on a Sunday, you will likely hear us say our church tagline: "It's Who We Are, It's What We Do" which describes that we believe our identity in Jesus (It's Who We Are) greatly impacts our obedience of JESUS (It's What We Do). As a part of our annual focus each year, we intentionally use our tagline to help reinforce our specific efforts.

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